Road Trip to Alpine Arizona

Weekend Road Trip to Alpine Arizona

In this engaging conversation, we sit down with Dave Steele to explore an unforgettable motorcycle journey he embarked on a couple of years ago. Join us as Dave takes us through his thrilling ride from Glendale to Alpine, Arizona, sharing insights, tips, and the joys of motorcycling along the way.

The Devil’s Highway Adventure
Setting the Stage
Host (Allen Butler): Greetings, everyone! I’m Allen Butler, and today, we have the pleasure of talking with Dave Steele about an exciting motorcycle journey. Dave, welcome, and thanks for joining us today. How’s it going out there?

Dave Steele: Hey, Allen, it’s going well. I’m excited to chat with you about this ride and share some insights.

A Scenic Journey

Allen Butler: Fantastic! Let’s dive right in. Dave, could you tell us about the ride you’re going to discuss today? Where did it take place, who was involved, and what bikes were you riding?

Dave Steele: Absolutely. This adventure happened approximately two years ago. It was a ride from our store in Glendale, Arizona, up to Alpine, also in Arizona. Alpine is nestled in the northeast corner of the state, near the New Mexico border. The route we took was along Highway 191, once known as the infamous “Devil’s Highway.”

From Glendale to Alpine

Allen Butler: I see. So, who were your riding companions, and how long did this journey take?

Dave Steele: It was a group of four of us. There was me, Tony (my business partner at the time), Mike, and a friend named Darren. The ride spanned two days. We set off on a Saturday morning, departing around 7 or 8 a.m., and arrived at our destination by 4 in the afternoon. We spent one night there and returned the next day.

Route Details

Allen Butler: That sounds like a great adventure. Can you describe the route you took in a bit more detail?

Dave Steele: Of course. We embarked on a loop, going through Payson, then following Route 260 over to Alpine. On the return, we passed through Clifton, enjoying a stop to visit the mine, before eventually making our way back through Payson.

The Road Conditions
Allen Butler: Thanks for sharing that. How would you describe the road conditions along the way?

Dave Steele: The ride was a mix of straight stretches and winding roads. It’s essential to be cautious on the Devil’s Highway, especially if you’re new to the route. The first third of the highway is characterized by tight corners and potential road debris. As you progress, the road opens up, and the top third offers smooth, winding stretches. Wildlife can also be a factor, so be aware, particularly if you’re riding in the dark.

An Overnight Stay
Allen Butler: You mentioned spending a night in Alpine. Can you share some details about your stay there?

Dave Steele: Certainly. Alpine is a small town with only a few hotels. We had made reservations in advance, as there’s limited accommodation. We were able to park our bikes right outside our hotel rooms. Dining options were available within walking distance, which made for a convenient and enjoyable evening.

Ideal Timing
Allen Butler: What time of year did you undertake this adventure?

Dave Steele: We completed this ride in July, although I should note that the timing was a bit challenging. July can be quite hot, especially when riding out to Safford. However, heading up to Alpine offered a cooler climate. If I were to do it again, I might choose September for more comfortable temperatures.


Final Thoughts and Tips

Reflecting on the Ride

Allen Butler: Before we wrap up, Dave, is there anything that stood out or any advice you’d offer to someone considering a similar journey?

Dave Steele: The ride itself was relatively uneventful in terms of mishaps or issues. We had some fantastic meals along the way, encountered wildlife, and enjoyed breathtaking scenery. My advice would be to plan your trip a week or two in advance, secure your accommodations, pack extra warm clothing for the higher elevations, ensure your phone has ample storage for photos, and, most importantly, prioritize safety. Take your time, especially on the Devil’s Highway, and savor the stunning landscapes that this ride has to offer.


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Dave Steele’s ride to Alpine, Arizona, is a testament to the simple joy of motorcycling and exploring the diverse landscapes that Arizona has to offer. This two-day adventure, with its winding roads, charming towns, and scenic beauty, is a reminder that sometimes the best adventures are those taken on the spur of the moment, with good company, and a love for the open road. If you’re looking for a weekend getaway that combines camaraderie, picturesque landscapes, and the thrill of motorcycling, consider following in Dave’s tire tracks.

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