Prescott AZ Memorial Ride

Prescott AZ Memorial Ride with Derek O'Neil--Blog 1

Ride to Prescott: A Memorial Adventure

Hey everybody, it’s Allen from the Helmet Center, and today I’m going to be talking with Derek O’Neal about an awesome ride up to Prescott for a day trip. I want to hear all about it. Derek, thank you so much for joining us today on Everyday Adventures. I really appreciate it, man.

The Ride to Prescott

There were about 300 to 400 riders on this trip, a significant turnout for a ride that held a special occasion. The group set out from Fountain Hills, taking the scenic route up the 87 through Payson and then over to the Prescott area. The journey was filled with twists and turns, making it a challenging yet enjoyable ride.

A Memorial Ride for Todd

The ride was organized as a memorial for a rider named Todd, a technician at the Helmet Center who had tragically passed away six months prior. The biking community in Arizona came together to honor his memory with a meaningful ride.

Reflecting on the ride, Derek shared, “Our biking community in Arizona is inclusive. There’s a lot of camaraderie among bikers, regardless of what you ride. It’s a special bond.”

The Scenic Route and Pit Stops

The group took the scenic route, stopping at various points, including a lookout near Prescott Valley, where they could see the entire valley. Derek emphasized the beauty of the ride, stating, “I prefer long-distance rides. I’m not much of a city rider. I enjoy getting out of town and seeing the scenery, the trees, and everything beautiful.”

They made a memorable stop at a gas station in Prescott Valley, filling the entire parking lot with bikes. Later, in Prescott, they crowded the parking lot of Dutch Bros, creating a scene that left an impression on the locals.

Reflections and Advice for New Riders

Derek emphasized the importance of mentoring new riders, especially given the changing landscape and increased traffic in Arizona. He urged new riders to do their research, take riding courses, and learn the proper way to ride to ensure safety.

Reflecting on the ride and the biking community, Derek expressed a wish for more connection among riders. He suggested creating a video collaboration and a sign-in book to capture memories of the event and the riders who attended.

Looking Ahead

As for future rides, Derek mentioned his interest in a coastal ride along the Pacific Coast Highway in California. While his work schedule at Southwest Airlines poses a challenge, he remains eager to plan more adventures.

In conclusion, the ride to Prescott was more than just a journey; it was a heartfelt tribute and a demonstration of the close-knit biking community in Arizona.

If you have a cool ride story to share, consider reaching out to the Helmet Center. Every ride is an adventure, and your story could inspire others to hit the road.

Thank you for joining us on this Everyday Adventure. Until next time, ride safe!



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