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Motorcycle Storage

The Helmet Center offers full-climate controlled storage options for your motorcycle or ATV! When you have to leave town, whether for the summer, or for a long deployment, we offer safe and secure storage for your ride. We offer a cost- effective option offering a simple defined parking space in our climate controlled storage area, or a premium option that includes a supplied motorcycle cover, connection to a battery trickle charger for the length of its stay, and a monthly startup to ensure the fuel system stays clear.

We even have an optional “Ready-to-Ride” feature for when you’re ready to pick up your ride. It offers a thorough safety check, a critical fluid level check, a full battery charge, and a wipe down of your ride, so when you come to pick it up, its ready to ride! We have options by the month, and annually!

Consider keeping your ride safe from the outdoor elements, the summer heat, and the prying eyes of thieves, by checking it in to the Helmet Center to protect!

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Pay For Storage

Standard Storage

Keep Your Ride Secure
$ 99
  • Climate Controlled
  • Quick Access
  • Safe & Secure
  • Individual Space
  • Easy Pickup

Premium Storage

Pamper Your Ride
$ 125
  • Safety Check
  • Battery Tender
  • Fluid Check
  • Periodic Start
  • Wipe-Down

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