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Allen:  Hey everybody, this is Allen with the Helmet Center. Today we’re looking at an everyday adventure with Martin and Kathy. Hey guys, thanks so much for coming on and hanging out with us.  So, I just want to ask a couple of questions. So, you guys went on a really cool adventure from the Phoenix area up to Kaibab North Rim, right?

Kathy: Yeah, we went and we stayed up at Jacob Lake up by the north rim.

Allen: Very nice. So, my first question to most people is what are you riding? Tell me about your ride.

Martin: For that ride, I was on a 2014 FJR.

Kathy:  I’m on a 2015 Spider RT.

Allen: Very nice, very nice. So, you guys left from Phoenix. What time of the year was this?

Kathy: It was September 2nd of 2022.

Allen: Okay, so that’s not starting to cool off maybe a little bit up north there, or was it still kind of warm?

Martin: It was cool in the morning but not cold. I mean, it was quite warm actually.

Kathy: Yeah, September they were still doing all that work on the I-17, so it took how long to take us to get home?

Martin: Well, you turned off to go to Prescott Valley because he had to coach, and I rode home. It took, I want to say, four hours total to get for me to get home completely straight from Jacob Lake to the house. That might have been from Flagstaff four hours actually, whatever start to finish of the ride was four hours.

Allen: That’s a good ride. That’s a good ride.

Kathy: Yeah, it was, and a lot of that was being stuck on the freeway on I-17. It was quite comical because my dad was a highway patrolman, and he told me to make sure you always carry an umbrella on your bike because if you get stuck on the side of the road or whatever. Well, I took my umbrella out as we’re sitting there in traffic, and I’m riding my bike with the umbrella out because it was hot, man.

Martin: Yeah, it was perfect. Must have been on a Sunday.

Kathy: No, it was just during traffic.

Martin: Got you, Monday.

Kathy: I think I gotta. I always try to leave town and come back to town if going anywhere out of town, make sure it’s not on a weekend because that’s especially I-17, it’s terrible.

Allen: So, you guys got your cool rides, you’re heading up to North to Jacob Lake on the north rim. What do you like to do up there? I mean, you just kind of sightsee, it’s cool roads. Did you guys camp out, you stay at a certain place?

Kathy: We stayed at the Jacob Lake Inn. Chad, you hadn’t been to the north rim before that, had you?

Martin: No, I’d only been to the South rim.

Kathy: So, it was just, you know, I think we only stayed there like two nights. So, you know, we got there one day, next day we went and just got the dog here, the next day we went and kind of explored the park at the north rim, got up early enough to go for a sunset ride and sunrise ride.

Allen: Well, you know, there’s not a lot of people who really know if they haven’t explored Arizona a bit, they may not even recognize a difference between the north rim and the south rim of the Grand Canyon. How would you characterize the difference between, I mean, it takes longer to get to the north rim for sure, but what’s the payoff? What do you think the difference is? How would you characterize it?

Martin: It’s less populated for sure, so there’s less crowds. It’s more mountainous and piney, I think, than the areas around the south rim. It’s a different vibe, if you will. It’s definitely not as touristy, and the view was just so beyond incredible. I mean, it was literally a spiritual experience for me riding and seeing the sun come up over the Grand Canyon. It was just absolutely gorgeous.

Allen: That’s awesome. I just thought we should probably talk about that with everybody because everybody thinks, well, you know, I’ve been to the Grand Canyon. Well, the Grand Canyon itself is awesome and everybody should see it, but the north rim versus the south rim is definitely different. It’s more forested, you know, more rugged, definitely less well populated. So, if you like getting off of the beaten path, the north rim is a great place to check out. And Jacob lake is probably what, a 30-minute ride to the entrance to the park. But there’s other lodges a little bit closer, there’s a campground that’s maybe five miles outside of the park entrance. If you’re into camping, you know, a National Forest campground. So, there’s lots of options up there. I’ve been up there with a family before, you know, we had like me and my kids and grandkids and stuff. So, it’s a great place to go.

Allen: That’s awesome. So, I always ask people, if you were to do this ride again, what would you do differently? Would you do everything was, did everything work out great or what would you do differently? Would you take something different, take a different route? Did you forget something that really would have come in handy? What do you think?

Martin: I’d ride my new bike.

Allen: So, it sounds like you need to take another trip to Jacob Lake.

Martin: Yeah, I do. It’s getting a little bit cold up there right now.

Kathy: I think what I would do different is I would have left on Saturday instead of Friday because when we left, we got rained on like hell in Black Canyon City and then it took us like four hours to get from Cortez Junction to Flagstaff because of the traffic and stuff. So, it was just a miserable ride getting up there.

Martin: Yeah, you know, it’s not a good start to a fun weekend when what should take an hour and a half takes you six hours. But what happens? Timing, timing is impeccable, probably trying to hit that traffic and make sure that you know your route so you don’t get lost and have to turn around and go back a couple miles several times.

Allen: Are you pointing the finger at him?

Kathy: I’m not the greatest leader.

Allen: Oh, that’s awesome. So, anybody who wants to do this, you guys get out there and take this ride because this is a really good ride. Anything else that, what would you say what was your most, I mean, Kathy told me a moment ago while you were taking the dog out that her most memorable portion of that ride for her was seeing the sunrise come up over the Horizon and that that was a spiritual experience were her words, what do you say Martin what you what you what’s your input um well I guess as far as you know since I had been there before um kind of seeing it through her eyes for the first time so you know when as she’s experiencing and and feeling those things and you know it’s you know it’s like sharing a really cool song way it’s like carry it’s like sharing a really cool song with somebody yeah absolutely you you live through them vicariously I totally get it that’s awesome uh well I think that’s pretty much that’s all I have just a you know quick tip to everybody to get out there and and do some ride and I know that right now it’s getting a little bit colder and people will be going uh to they’ll go south uh down south you want to visit Tombstone or Bisby uh you know Green Valley there’s some really nice rides South because it’s not too cold out there a lot of desert Riders will be getting out uh but that’s you know that’s super awesome uh so what do you got just final word where are you guys planning your next trip um my well my next trip is to Albuquerque okay um so I’ll be I’ll be heading there for a few weeks and stuff but uh I’m not sure where where our next trip is together we still haven’t talked about that so and I’m kind of looking at going to um the Ozarks for the uh eclipse in April oh wow yeah because that should be at full prominence there so yeah are you an amateur astronomer uh no just like it but it’s just it’s just there was an eclipse like five or six years ago yeah um and I got as far as Flagstaff and you know but that was way out of the path but I kind of like well the next one’s not is another five years I think I’ll try to go be in it just yeah I just one of those things you want to experience I guess sure no the O the Ozarks man what a what a trip that would be right I hope you’ll come back and tell me all about that one I’d like to hear about that one well you guys uh it’s been awesome talking with you um ever if you ever want to come on and share with me any and our viewers anything that you guys get out there and do that you think is fun people like hearing about it man it’s inspiring to to inspire other people and and kind of get them motivated to get off their butts and get on their bikes and ride I appreciate you guys coming on man we’ll hope to talk again soon glad bet and I’ll I’ll tell you if you do take the ride down to Bisby make sure to take the old Bisby highway so that you go up over the um tunnel and around that way it’s an incredible ride lots of twisties and turns and lots of fun awesome awesome thanks so much you guys for joining me I appreciate it you bet have a good one thanks guys!

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